Why Join?

Becoming a member of ALSITE is the first step of a unique professional growth opportunity in the transportation engineering field. You would be joining approximately 150 other members and affiliates who are involved in the field of transportation and who share a common interest in improving the quality of the transportation systems in Alabama. ALSITE includes individuals engaged as engineers, planners, technicians, administrators, academicians, researchers, sales representatives, and students in transportation fields in Alabama.


  • Meeting people interested and involved in transportation engineering
  • Professional development, technical training, and vendor exhibits
  • Active participation in committees and service projects
  • Subscription to the ALSITE newsletter
  • Access to ALSITE membership directory
  • Leadership opportunities


International ITE Member

If you live in Alabama and join International ITE, you are automatically added as a Member of your local Section and part of your International Dues will go to the Alabama Section.

Join International ITE

Section Affiliate

If you live in Alabama and join ALSITE as a Section Affiliate, you are a member of ALSITE but not a member of International ITE.

If you do not live in Alabama and wish to join ALSITE, you may join as an Out of State Section Affiliate.

To apply for Section Affiliate membership to ALSITE, please complete the following application. Your application will be reviewed and presented to the ALSITE Board of Directors for approval. You will be notified of the Board’s action.

If your application is not approved, your annual membership dues payment made at the time of application will be refunded.