ALSITE Goal 1: Serve Governmental Agencies

  • Address the technical needs of the Alabama Department of Transportation by identification of critical areas that would be met through training activities developed and offered by ALSITE.
  • Assist local governmental agencies in addressing their technical needs though training activities and presentations at organizational meetings.
  • Provide expertise to other organizations throughout the state such as Metropolitan Planning Organizations, developers, and ADECA.
  • Take a leadership role in the development and adoption of model ordinances.

ALSITE Goal 2: Provide Service to our Membership

  • Develop members technical capabilities through professional development, strong technical programs at all meetings, and continue the annual meeting as a “center piece” for the Section.
  • Communicate with the membership through email, web page and the newsletter.
  • Recognition of membership by communicating individual awards received at section, district, and international levels.
  • Recruit and nurture young members.

ALSITE Goal 3: Outreach

  • Perform service projects throughout the year.
  • Establish additional student chapters at other state institutions.
  • Continue and expand the scholarship program.
  • Provide public awareness of ALSITE through a speakers bureau, contact with local news agencies, and by public relations training for members.