The Alabama Section of the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ALSITE) is a professional organization of approximately 150 persons who are involved in the field of transportation and who share a common interest in improving the quality of the transportation systems in Alabama. ALSITE includes individuals engaged as engineers, planners, technicians, administrators, academicians, researchers, sales representatives, and students in transportation fields in Alabama.

The mission of ALSITE is to provide a leadership role in developing, operating, and improving the transportation system for the citizens of Alabama. ALSITE promotes the transportation profession by educating and developing its members and the transportation community.

ALSITE is one of eight Sections which makes up the Southern District of the Institute of Transportation Engineers (SDITE), an organization of state Sections in the southeastern United States. SDITE is also known as District Five, and is one of ten Districts which make up International ITE (ITE).

ALSITE meets in late-February to mid-March and again in late September to early October in different parts of the state. Every two to three years, ALSITE will have a joint meeting with the Tennessee Section or the Georgia Section. The ALSITE Annual Meeting is held every year in June in Gulf Shores. Generally every other year, our Annual Meeting is a joint meeting with the Deep South Section. We also encourage participation at the District and International level.